Made in 7 days for the Brackeys 2020.2 game jam, under the theme "Rewind". 


If the game does not have any audio, enable it by either pressing "M" or pressing the unmute button on the bottom left hand corner of the screen. 

It is a known bug that the game boots up in muted mode. Thank you to everyone who reported it. 


W A S D - Move the character
Space - Rewind your position
Shift - Slow down movement
R - Reset level
M - Mute audio

NOTE: When rewinding into a wall, you will keep reeling in the "tape" you've left behind until there is no more. This is an intended mechanic, and how you solve some of the later levels. 

Anchor Point: When you touch it, you will completely refill the amount of tape you have left, as well as resetting your anchor point.


Rewind-Windows.rar 28 MB


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very nice style and level design! good job!


This game was actually sick! I love the art style, music and animations. The main mechanic of the game is pretty cool! Its something that I haven't seen in this jam yet. I think the levels are well designed and they introduce a new concept and build on it pretty well! Overall, really fun game!


Nice art and polish, mechanics are great, puzzles could use a slight change in difficulty curve. But great job!


A very nice game 


The game is nice but the boxes interacting while you are rewinding is very problematic.


this is nice and fun, the only problem I had was  that rewind interacts with the boxes. This caused my character to not pass level 3 or 4 - with the box through the right portal into the upper left. But otherwise, it was a nice and simple fun game. Reminded me of miniclip games when I was younger.

This might be cheesy but I would appreciate it if you could try my game out as well 'You Are Alone'. Many thanks

You Are Alone


this is quite annoying


u r



Nice mechanics