A downloadable Holey Death Day for Windows and macOS

Holey Death Day

Another year of game jams, another year of inconsistent art styles, another year of overly ambitious ideas. Here’s our new addition to the list: Holey Death Day, a game where you groundhogs day your way out of your unsettlingly holey death day.
Game’s pretty simple, point and click different things and find a way to avoid your nearly inevitable fall to death down a hole. All you need is a mouse and excitement to play Holey Death Day. You might be surprised by our work, or utterly disappointed, but you won’t know till you try it out ;).

"Good morning fellow citizens of inconsistentartstylesville, there has been a holey spirit that is hiding inside of our rooms, our houses, our pots. We need to act quick in order to stop this foul creature, he will do anything in order to send you to hell, down that deep dark hole." - Mayor news transcript.


Holey Death Day.rar 19 MB
Holey Death Day.app.zip 26 MB


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It's a weird game honestly. I know by reading through the dialogues that you only had a few hours to complete it, but I think sticking to the point'n click from beginning to end would have been a more amusing experience. The flappy bird section feels more like you needed a way to justify the theme rather than making it an integral part of the gameplay. With that said, I salute your efforts, it's a pretty game nonetheless.